Project EX: A safe space to share, explore and discuss break ups stories with those who can emphasise

Breaks ups, for the most part, suck. And although exes are left behind in the journey for love, many of us might still be hauling a truckload of baggage from past relationships which can hinder our respective pursuit of the heart emoji and can also be a drag on future relationships. Pretty deep huh?

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The founders

PROJECT EX offers a haven, sanctuary - and other synonyms for ‘a safe place’ - for those who simply want to share their experiences. And you can do so anonymously if you so choose. Sharing your thoughts about your past flame to people who are completely detached from your microcosm and reading other peoples’ experiences can be cathartic and makes navigating emotions easier - knowing you're not alone.

So please feel free to share as little or as much as you want – it is completely up to you.

This site was the combined brainchild of three late twenty something year-old friends – all of whom have experienced a few breaks in the past (*insert tear emoji here*). Neither of us has a PHD in love(I wish that’s a thing) and we might still be cumbered with our own baggage without even knowing it. Let’s face it, there are no rules when it comes to emotions, but there is a lot we can learn from
each other on them.

One of the founders is a man – shock horror. Yes, many forums/blogs on relationships have been created by women, but men have an interest in the pursuit of love too.

We believe that a greater appreciate of ‘other’ could help foster stronger relationships – and that’s not exclusive the romantic relationships.


This is us.