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Project-EX exists to offer people a space to share their experiences and feelings on a past flame. Engage with our community through our forums, blogs and on social media.

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Should you debrief after a relationship?

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So I dated this girl called Lady C. She was a better baker than me so she had to go!

Boy bye


So I dated this guy who.... blah blah lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing. ng elit. Vestibulum varius tellus dolor, eget eleifend nibh tincidunt id. Nullam elementum, dolor eget iaculis fermentum, velit magna consectetur dolor, eget dignissim elit nisl at nisi. Nam viverra erat vel diam suscipit ornare. Fusce elementum dui consequat ligula elementum tempus. Sed elementum, arcu ut lobortis facilisis, urna ipsum maximus justo, at tincidunt ligula nisi eu sem. Proin vel est non nulla sodales egestas. Integer vehicula viverra laoreet. Nam euismod venenatis mauris a blandit



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